Protection of Retirement Savings

In our country, unlike in developed countries, especially acutely raises the question of efficiency and reliability of saving. Private pension provision is one of the most reliable methods of accumulation, as the current legislation provides strict system of protection of the interests of the Fund participants. It is multilevel control, which takes into account every aspect of the Fund:

  • The Board of Foundation - the only organ of management of pension fund through its control after the activity of companies that provide services for the Fund (administration, asset management companies, custodian-bank).
  • Permanent internal control by the administrator and asset management company.
  • Control by the banking institution, which is the custodian of the Fund.
  • Professional control from the side of an accountant of the Fund.
  • State control - made by the State Commission for Regulation of Financial Services Markets of Ukraine, State Commission on Securities and Stock Market, National Bank of Ukraine, the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine and other competent authorities, acting within its authority.
  • Personal control which is carried directly by the member due to the possibility to obtain information about individual retirement account in real time.


Except that, the whole system of limitations is legislatively conditioned on the use of assets of Fund, due to what those assets are clearly distinguished from those of the administrator, asset management company and custodian-bank. For any damages caused to the Fund, companies that provide services for the Fund answer with all their property, and even liquidation or bankruptcy of one of subjects of the non-state pension system does not carry after itself the loss of pension accumulations of participants.


There are also strict limits on diversification (distribution) of the Fund's assets, which significantly reduces the risk of the portfolio of private pension fund, increases the reliability of their investments and guarantees safety:



Legal framework on NPF

Activity of Non-state pension funds in Ukraine is regulated by the following laws:

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