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Contributors of NT "OPF" Social Perspective " can be not only legal but also physical entities (individuals). If you, after leaving for a deserved rest, want to receive a decent pension, then YOU should take care of it in advance. When you can only guess the size of the future state pension, the determination of the amount of non-state pension in NT "OPF" Social Perspective "- is completely planned and managed, by you, process. The longer the period of accumulation is and the higher contributions are, the greater your pension payments will be. You can calculate the approximate amount in the in the section Pension Calculator. Becoming contributor of NT "OPF" Social Perspective ", you can also take care of the future retirement of your most dear people (relatives of 1st degree - spouses, parents or children).


To become an investor of NT "OPF" Social Perspective ", you should:

1. Choose a pension scheme, according to which pension contributions will be carried out.

2. To get yourself familiar with the Statute of NT "OPF" Social Perspective ".

3. Apply the administrator of the Fund or its representative.

4. To conclude a pension contract.

5. To get the essential elements of Your individual pension account from an administrator. At the conclusion of pension contract an administrator also is under an obligation to give you:

  • an extract from the Statute of the NT "OPF" Social Perspective ";
  • a copy of the chosen pension scheme;
  • sight of depositor, in which you will find all necessary information for enumeration of pension payments.
  • Перерахування пенсійних внесків Ви можете здійснювати будь – яким зручним для Вас способом на банківський рахунок Фонду: YOU can carry out the enumeration of pension payments by eny comfortable for you method on the bank account of Fund:

  • through the banking institution;
  • postal money order;
  • through the accounting of YOUR company (in the workplace).

If YOU cannot make regular contribution, you can do it later - NT "OPF" Social Perspective "does not apply any penalties to its depositors.


In addition, you can include the amount of pension contributions to tax rebate in reducing the taxable income for the effects of the tax year and to reclaim tax on personal income (the size of the tax benefits is calculated as follows: the amount of monthly subsistence level, acting for able-bodied person on 1 January of tax year, multiplied by a factor of 1.4 and rounded to the nearest 10 UAH, as of 2015, this amount is 1,710.00 UAH per month).



Contacts of the administrator of OPF "Social Perspective"

Теl.: 044 362 83 48

Теl.: 0342 527 408


Liliia Holovko : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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